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Fine Cannabis

A Head Above the Rest

Meticulously selected cultivars for those who love cannabis as much as we do.

Find strains for recreation, relaxation, enjoying with friends, getting creative, or

just finding the right head space. 

Our Commitment

Just like a Flamingo, we like to stand out among the crowd. 

Our bond to the cannabis world goes beyond our undying love for the plant. We strive every day to develop and maintain retail, extraction, and merchandising partners who’s values align with our own and those of this incredible community. We vow to never sacrifice integrity in the name of profit. We promise to never produce anything we wouldn’t want to consume ourselves, and we pledge our service to anyone interested in the plant. 

Exceptional flower

Lifestyle encouragement

& equality for all 


Our Story

To our core, we are Mainers. Aside from our love of the plant, we have a deep sense of connection to our community and the land that supports us.


Maine is a special place, it has a special, protective spirit. We can only hope to foster that energy and have it reflected in the work that we bring to you. 

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