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Our Roots

We just love weed!

Our founder, Jared Dinsmore created Flamingo Fine Cannabis with one thing in mind; cultivating exceptional cannabis. With over 10 years experience in the cannabis space, it has been Jared's privilege to bring avid cannabis consumers artfully created products with the help of the plant. His freshman effort as former co-founder and cultivation director at GrassMonkey Cannabis Co. gave perspective and invaluable experience with vertically integrated cannabis business, helping to forge our identity as both cultivators and business operators.


Flamingo Fine Cannabis is the culmination of many years honing in on cultivation techniques, the never ending pursuit of elite genetics, and decades of passion for those in the greater Portland community. Flamingo was born with existing infrastructure, procedures, and a seasoned team that focuses on growing the fine cannabis we so proudly claim.


Our mission is to bring you the absolute best produce from our gardens, and as such remains a cultivator and processor only. FFC's products are brought to you through the best retail partners in Maine. We choose partners who focus on quality in all it's forms: customer experience, elite products and community involvement. 


Prioritizing attention to detail above all else...

There's an old statement that we've all heard...choosing quality over quantity. 

In our beginnings, we did just that. We chose to keep quality as our highest priority. Starting from a small operation of about 12 lights, we grew top-shelf flower despite our size. Over time, we've become more comfortable with expanding our operation without compromising the outcome of our product. Years later, now with upwards of 60 flowering lights, we've been able to maintain growing cannabis that is a head

above the rest. 

 Although we're not at the end of our story, we are filled with pride about where we are today. We are able to provide jobs to a nearly a dozen Mainers and value who we work with immensely. Flamingo Fine Cannabis products are grown by passionate individuals, packaged with attention to detail, and land in your hands with care. 

If you want to experience the quality of our products, find us here

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